Monday is laundry day

By Vicki Barnes

There are not laundromats readily available in Costa Rica as far as we can tell. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure the locals even understand the concept.

If you have dirty clothes, you have two options:
1) Pay a local about $3 a kilo to wash, dry and neatly fold your clothes
2) Do it yourself.

Trying to keep as many colones as possible in our pockets, we chose the latter.

A bit of hand soap and some elbow grease in the bathroom sink and – viola – job done. No dryer or clothes line around here, so we had to improvise.

Beautifully clean, freshly dried clothes…and some protection from the sun in our little casita.

2 responses to “Monday is laundry day

  1. I bought an entire wardrobe for my 2-week trip to Thailand by searching REI for “quick-drying.” I took 3 pr. of socks, 3 pr. of underwear, 2 pr. pants (one convertible to shorts), and 4 shirts (short and long-sleeve knit, short and long-sleeved button-down). I took a piece of string for a clothesline and a small container of detergent. Each evening I spent a few minutes washing clothes in the sink, and they’d be dry by morning. It worked great, and I’ve never travelled with a smaller pack.

  2. Arielle Williams

    I love this! This is what I did when I went to Kenya, it was cheap to have someone do it for you, but a great life experience to do it on my own.

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