What’s this guy doing?

imageThis guy is not picking through the trash outside the bus station. He’s sorting through the packages that have been shipped to town via bus. In a country with few street names and no addresses, packages are usually taken from place to place in the cargo areas of the ever-moving buses. For example, if I wanted to send a birthday present to my Tio Juan in Pinas Blancas, I would take my box, marked with his name and the city to the main bus stop here and put it on the bus. He would go to the main bus stop in his town, show his ID and pick it up. Not as simple as taking it to the post office in the US, but certainly effective. I don’t believe that the packages are guaranteed to arrive undamaged – or to arrive at all.

One response to “What’s this guy doing?

  1. Arielle Williams

    That is so interesting! I have never heard of, let alone seen a system like that. In Kenya, it was a traditional mailing system a lot likewhat we have in the US, more expensive though.

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