By Vicki Barnes

Dining in the museum is a sweet experience
Dining in the museum is a sweet experience

A chocolate museum is something bound to catch the eye of any woman…and most men.

A few blocks off the central square in Granada, Nicaragua the Choco Museo (chocolate museum) is a shrine to the favorite sweet of most of the world. It is a place to learn and a place to indulge.

A cacao fruit on the tree in the museum's garden
A cacao fruit on the tree in the museum’s garden

And, it is a place to get one of the best breakfast deals in Granada.

For just under $6, you can get an all you can eat breakfast that is the best breakfast – and the finest dessert in town. You might think of chocolate chip pancakes as the whole of chocolate breakfast offerings, but you’d be surprised at what they can put on your plate in this place.

Even if chocolate is not your thing (is there anyone – excluding, of course, those with dietary restrictions – for whom chocolate is “not your thing”?), there are plenty of other options.

There are pancakes slathered in half and inch of locally-produced chocolate. Paper-thin crepes folded over a layer of cinnamon-infused chocolate. French toast dipped in a dark chocolate sauce.  A chocolate tea made from fermented cacao nibs. A chocolate bread…are you drooling over your keyboard yet?

If you aren’t indulging in chocolate, cut into a perfectly cooked omlete with fresh veggies and ham. There are also fresh jams made from guava and pineapple. Fresh locally-grown fuits and fried plantains are overflowing from bowls.

The best and least expensive breakfast we’ve had (except for the fresh fruit bought from a street vendor) so far in Granada came in a most unexpected place…at a museum. You never know where you’ll find a great meal for a great price.