Here, tajin comes in 2 pound containers. In addition to being amazing on fruit, as we know, it is also, we’re told, good in beer, on chocolate and in soups…
Hmmmmm, maybe on ice cream or key lime pie?

FC7E4673-61B2-41D1-BC9C-CF13727BA4B1Bacalar:  if you don’t mind sliding down a really steep incline through the brambles, the locals say, you can avoid paying the fee at the eco resort that controls access to the Cenote Azul. Skitter under or over the fence about 100m before the resort sign.


No matter where you go, there is plenty of fun to be had for free or almost free. You van pay 500 pesos for a boat tour with a comfy seat and an open bar and lunch or you can bring your own cerveza and fruit pay 5 pesos for access to the park and make your own fun.

6BB62F25-62A5-4D8B-9FC7-25F498D0A50C.jpegIf going to an art museum is on your to do list but not in the budget, take a walk. The Yucatan has a great collection of street art. On the main roads or back alley ways, walls are painted with beautiful murals that reflect everything from local history to current ideas. Think of it as an ever-changing exhibit in El Museo de Arte de la Calle.